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How Can Hypnosis Help You To Make Money?

Posted by Roystongold on
How Can Hypnosis Help You To Make Money?




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Hi guys! I’m Dr. Steve G Jones Clinical Hypnotherapist self-made millionaire. Total Money Magnetism.


And founder of Total money magnetism and today I’m going to answer a really common question that I get asked here at total money magnetism and that is how can hypnosis help you to make money? That’s a great question and I’m really excited to answer it for you today.

I love educating people about the power of hypnosis and the possibilities that it can open for you so I hope you enjoy the video and if there’s anything left unanswered for you at the end please post your questions in the comment section below and I will be happy to answer them.

So first of all what is hypnosis? Well hypnosis is a state of consciousness, when you enter hypnosis your brain is entering a super focused state in which it becomes more open to receiving suggestions. Your mind is relaxed using a series of hypnosis relaxation methods so you’re able to block out distractions and thoughts that might usually surface for you around a certain subject. This leaves your mind open to receiving positive new suggestions and to be able to visualize these becoming possible for you in your life.  Over time this process strengthens new pathways in your brain which leads to empowering your mindset and behavioral changes. I’ll go into this more in depth soon but first how does this relate to making money in my program total money magnetism?

I talk a lot about rich brain programming and also poor brain programming because your ability to succeed in any area of life starts with your brain. So in order to get the wealth of a millionaire you need to program in the thoughts, the beliefs and the habits of a millionaire now, this rich brain programming is the driving force behind any wealthy person success in fact it’s what gives millionaires their drive, their confidence, their ability to seek out and act on opportunities and to build wealth. What you need to know is that you don’t need to have a fancy college degree or have grown up in a wealthy family to have a rich brain but in order to get the mind of a millionaire what you do need is to remove any poor brain programming that’s been keeping you stuck in the cycle of struggle and debt and scarcity.

By this I mean limiting beliefs negative thoughts and poor financial habits this is where hypnosis comes in. There are three ways that hypnosis can work to transform your brain into a magnet for wealth and success even if nothing has worked for you before.

Number. 1 directly targeting your subconscious mind in a way that is not usually possible. Number .2, removing scarcity brain and number .3 building powerful new wealth pathways inside your brain.

Now I’m going to break these three steps down for you. Let’s start with your subconscious mind. If you’ve tried to make changes to your life in the past maybe a plan to save more money or try a new diet that didn’t work out for you chances are your subconscious mind stopped you from succeeding. You see there are two major forces driving your behavior your conscious mind and your subconscious mind and when you’re awake your conscious mind is in control doing all of the thinking, the reasoning, analyzing for you but lingering beneath the surface is your subconscious mind and think of it as a massive storage bolt of memories, habits and beliefs.

When you have the same thoughts over and over these thoughts grow and they take a root in your subconscious which is great if you’re having a lot of positive thoughts like I love my life, I know I can succeed because these will blossom into empowering beliefs. But when they’re negative thoughts like I don’t have what it takes to be rich or I’ll never be able to get out of debt that’s when you can develop toxic negative beliefs that only serve to keep you trapped in a cycle of struggle.

You see although your subconscious mind doesn’t think or reason one of its most important functions is to keep you living in alignment with your habits and beliefs or in other words to keep you living inside your comfort zone it does this by producing emotions like fear and discomfort when you think about doing something different in your life. Unfortunately this is the biggest reason why most people never break free from the chains of financial hardship.  These people are so used to struggling that has become their comfort zone to the point where their subconscious minds are actually working to keep them in this cycle of struggle and this is what I refer to as poor brain programming or scarcity brain.

A scarcity brain is created when your mind has become plagued by limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving success if this is the case for you, it’s not your fault many people unwillingly develop these beliefs through things they’ve observed or experienced in their life often starting from childhood.

To change your relationship with money and get all of the wealth you’ve ever wanted you first need to change these limiting beliefs and to do this you need to access your subconscious mind well here’s the really good news.

In your everyday life you usually never have direct access to your subconscious mind because your conscious mind is running the show controlling all of the messages in and out. But during the process of hypnosis your mind is relaxed so that your conscious is essentially put to sleep leaving your subconscious wide open to suggestion and this is how hypnosis directly targets your subconscious mind. In a way that’s not usually possible for you. This is when you can make real change happen, even if things you’ve tried in the past have never worked before because even in just the first level of hypnosis the alpha state. This has been scientifically demonstrated that up to 90% of the population can be hypnotized to your subconscious mind in that state can be come up to 200 times more suggestible or in other words up to 200 times more open to accepting new positive powerful beliefs. While in the state your subconscious mind is forced to listen to powerful specifically crafted messages about your ability to achieve wealth and success that might usually been rejected by your conscious mind and not just to listen but to visualize these amazing new realities becoming true for you. This means you can actually picture and feel yourself letting go of debt seeing your bank account grow and becoming financially free and this is an extremely powerful process that over time actually starts to shape your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions.  The more your subconscious mind starts to accept your new rich brain programming the more it lets go of scarcity brain and all of the old limiting beliefs that were holding you back. The best part because the main function of your subconscious is to keep you living in line with your beliefs it automatically starts working to make these incredible new possibilities happen for you whether that means finally getting out of debt or tripling your income. That’s pretty amazing right now.

I’m not going to pretend that this will happen overnight because it does take some time and repetition for your brain to accept the new abundant financial mindset. However in as little as twenty one days most people report experiencing significant changes in their thoughts their confidence and the results they’re getting in their lives.

So I hope you’re starting to see just how powerful hypnosis is when it comes to reshaping your brain to achieve success. But there’s still one more step once you have started to adopt a new millionaire mindset the final step is to use hypnosis to build new wealth pathways inside your brain.

This is about using hypnosis to accelerate your learning of how to build wealth. Not only can hypnosis help you to over a limiting beliefs, it can help you to absorb new wealth building strategies more quickly and more effectively than you ever otherwise could.

I said earlier when your mind is in this deeply relaxed and super focused state it can become up to 200 times more open to receiving new information which is why for people further along in my total money magnetism program I have created advanced self-hypnosis tracks which contain time-tested wealth building strategies from real multimillionaires.

So that not only do you create new wealth pathways through reading the material, you also build and strengthen these brain pathways through hypnosis. Now I’m not going to go into these strategies here in this video but what this part of hypnosis does is open your mind to new ideas about how to make money and tell your brain which opportunities to look out for you.

Now when you start thinking about buying a new car and you find a model that you want and suddenly start seeing those cars everywhere well that’s what this does it makes your brain suddenly see opportunities for wealth that it was previously blind to see.

You don’t need to get a job promotion or win the lottery or have rich parents or be super intelligent or be a workaholic in order to become rich you just need to change your brain.

Let’s just do a quick recap hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool that can help you to reprogram your brains wealth programming so that you can stop attracting debt and struggle and start magnetizing money and success in your life. It does this by number .1, directly targeting your subconscious mind in a way that is not usually possible. Number .2, removing scarcity brain and number .3, building powerful new wealth pathways inside your brain.

I hope you can see just how powerful hypnosis is and how it can open your financial possibilities in a way that nothing else can.

If you want to get started right now in transforming your mind into a magnet for money and success then you can access Total money magnetism to think like a millionaire. Whether you’re doing okay but you’d like to make a little more cash or you want to start making the kind of money that will allow you to upgrade your home go on luxurious vacations and never have to worry about money again. Getting Total money Magnetism is the key to getting you started  follow this link www.totalmoneymagnetism.com that’s totalmoneymagnetism.com thanks so much for watching this video today how hypnosis can help you make money if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more videos like this then be sure to subscribe to my channel thanks for watching I’ll see you again soon I’m Dr.

Steve G Jones hoping you have an outstanding day .