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Weight loss using Hypnotherapy. Start losing weight today.

Posted by Roystongold on

Hypnotherapy for weight loss. Self hypnosis to lose weight.

hypnosis for weight loss.weight loss and hypnosis.

Lose weight quickly using hypnosis

How to use Hypnotherapy for weight loss and self hypnosis.

Weight loss using Hypnotherapy have been a great success with many men and women. It’s all in the mind. And there is a lot to be said about that saying especially when it comes to using Hypnosis for weight loss. Just as with giving up smoking or some addiction. Hypnotherapy has been a great tool to help people when they normally just keep giving up or can’t seem to start in the first place.

The video Hypnosis session will guide you and help you in your first steps with Hypnotherapy and losing weight.

You can use this video  as many times as you like and it will help you to get rid of extra pounds you would rather not have. If after using this video you wish to go further,then click on BUY NOW button to learn more about  Hypnotherapy and how it will help you to see yourself as you once were again.

Dr Steve G Jones offers an excellent Hypnotherapy program to take you by the hand on your weight loss journey.

No diet pills or fancy diets. Just your mind working with your own body to lose weight naturally. We wish you well with your Hypnotherapy program.Please feel free to contact us with your weight loss stories.




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Sleep Hypnosis For Discovering Your Purpose and Gifts.

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Learn how to Hypnotise others.

Sleep Hypnosis For Discovering Your Purpose and Gifts (The Temple of the Soul)

sleep hypnosis,hypnosis,self hypnosis,hypnotize,hypnotism,mentalism,

Sleep Hypnosis to help you find your life purpose and your gifts

Sleep Hypnosis for relaxation and guidance towards your life’s purpose and meaning. Discover the gifts from your soul or soul temple that lie within you. Hypnotic gentle music will help you to relax into a Hypnotic open state where sleep Hypnosis can take you to your destiny.

Guided Hypnosis is a lovely way to go within yourself and find your pot of Gold buried and forgotten deep inside your soul. Use this sleep Hypnosis video on a regular basis to be able to enrich your life and finally find what you have been looking for all your life.

Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years to help people in so many different ways. Hypnotism to help people get better from disease and other medical problems. It has been used to go into a person and find certain things about them. It has also been used as entertainment on stage. It has been used by the military for remote viewing and other things.

So Hypnotism is nothing new. But nowadays we can all benefit from sleep hypnosis videos like this to enrich our lives. To find our purpose and our secret gifts waiting to rise to the surface of our souls.

We hope you enjoy this video. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or experiences to share regarding Hypnotism.



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Self Hypnosis. Learn How To Hypnotize Yourself Quickly.

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Self Hypnosis can be achieved if you allow yourself to relax and watch this video.


self hypnosis,how to hypnotise your self,hypnotism,self hypnotism


Self Hypnosis can be used to imprint our subconscious minds and therefore change our habits and the way we look at our lives. Self Hypnosis can enable us to retrain our brains to program new beliefs and ideas.

Many people have made amazing changes to their lives by using self Hypnosis and changing the way they see life.

Although Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are used through Hypnotherapist practitioners to help a whole range of problems people face. Such as losing weight,trying to live with a debilitating illness or stop smoking. I use these as a small example of how it can be used. Self Hypnosis is an untapped resource and can also help people overcome problems they face in their lives which other treatments or therapies may not have been able to do.

Self Hypnosis is relatively safe and can be done in the comfort of your own home. You do not need to pay for a Hypnotherapist and so it is relatively cheap or free.

Watch this video and learn how to Hypnotize yourself. Make sure you are in a relaxed state and free from distractions.






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Hypnosis Since Ancient Times.

Posted by Roystongold on


hypnosis,hypnosis in ancient times,ancient hypnosis,hypnotism in history,

Hypnosis has been used for centuries in various ways.

Hypnosis and Hypnotism in history. The history of Hypnosis is a fascinating Journey into to our ancient past. Hypnosis has been used for centuries,some of the first recorded information comes from over 5000 years ago from ancient Egypt. In Egyptian temples healing using hypnosis was used to cure people of different ailments and illnesses. Putting people into a trance like sleep state and then working with them to rid them of their illness.

The Greeks followed on with Hypnosis sleep temples where again people were put into sleep like states where they could go deep within themselves to heal and cure their ailments.

All down though history Hypnotism has been there in one form or another. At times it may not have been recognised as such, but when in the seventeenth century people started to document and investigate the phenomenon of Hypnosis or Mesmerism, the world then started to hear about Mesmerism and Hypnosis with studies being conducted by the best scientists and academics of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Today Hypnosis and Hypnotism are well known as people are Hypnotized on stages or on the television for entertainment. But also there is now emphasis on being able to use Hypnosis and Hypnotism for helping people in a variety of ways. This may be in medical ways or to give up smoking,or lose weight,or gain confidence and a whole host of other ways to use Hypnosis and Hypnotism in the modern world.




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Guided Hypnosis: “Money Flows to You” to Attract Wealth into your life.

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Guided Hypnosis For Wealth

hypnosis,hypnotism,guided hypnosis,

Use this Hypnosis video to attract wealth into your life.

By listening to this Hypnosis and relaxing into the binaural frequencies and the guiding voice, you will be able to bring great wealth into your life. By letting yourself relax and allowing your conscious mind to become calm, you will be able to impress ideas of great wealth into your unconscious or subconscious mind.

Allow yourself to imagine great wealth, forget about and let go of all the wealth preventing thoughts and feelings that have prevented you from becoming wealthy. You have as much right as any one else on the planet to become wealthy. There is more than enough money to go round. In fact the very wealthy of this earth have trillions of dollars stashed into bank accounts all around the world. You too can enjoy wealth for you and your family. And you can then do so much good for others.

Abundance is yours now!!! Think big, allow yourself to think very big, think abundant thoughts, feel abundant feelings. See yourself wealthy now!!! Visualize riches in your life. You are wealthy now!! Believe you are wealthy and you will be.

Enjoy this guided Hypnosis video. Listen to it regularly. Wealth is yours now!!




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How Can Hypnosis Help You To Make Money?

Posted by Roystongold on
How Can Hypnosis Help You To Make Money?




Totla money magnetism,dr steve jones,hypnosis to make money,how to use hypnosis to make you wealthy,hypnosis for a wealthy mind,




Hi guys! I’m Dr. Steve G Jones Clinical Hypnotherapist self-made millionaire. Total Money Magnetism.


And founder of Total money magnetism and today I’m going to answer a really common question that I get asked here at total money magnetism and that is how can hypnosis help you to make money? That’s a great question and I’m really excited to answer it for you today.

I love educating people about the power of hypnosis and the possibilities that it can open for you so I hope you enjoy the video and if there’s anything left unanswered for you at the end please post your questions in the comment section below and I will be happy to answer them.

So first of all what is hypnosis? Well hypnosis is a state of consciousness, when you enter hypnosis your brain is entering a super focused state in which it becomes more open to receiving suggestions. Your mind is relaxed using a series of hypnosis relaxation methods so you’re able to block out distractions and thoughts that might usually surface for you around a certain subject. This leaves your mind open to receiving positive new suggestions and to be able to visualize these becoming possible for you in your life.  Over time this process strengthens new pathways in your brain which leads to empowering your mindset and behavioral changes. I’ll go into this more in depth soon but first how does this relate to making money in my program total money magnetism?

I talk a lot about rich brain programming and also poor brain programming because your ability to succeed in any area of life starts with your brain. So in order to get the wealth of a millionaire you need to program in the thoughts, the beliefs and the habits of a millionaire now, this rich brain programming is the driving force behind any wealthy person success in fact it’s what gives millionaires their drive, their confidence, their ability to seek out and act on opportunities and to build wealth. What you need to know is that you don’t need to have a fancy college degree or have grown up in a wealthy family to have a rich brain but in order to get the mind of a millionaire what you do need is to remove any poor brain programming that’s been keeping you stuck in the cycle of struggle and debt and scarcity.

By this I mean limiting beliefs negative thoughts and poor financial habits this is where hypnosis comes in. There are three ways that hypnosis can work to transform your brain into a magnet for wealth and success even if nothing has worked for you before.

Number. 1 directly targeting your subconscious mind in a way that is not usually possible. Number .2, removing scarcity brain and number .3 building powerful new wealth pathways inside your brain.

Now I’m going to break these three steps down for you. Let’s start with your subconscious mind. If you’ve tried to make changes to your life in the past maybe a plan to save more money or try a new diet that didn’t work out for you chances are your subconscious mind stopped you from succeeding. You see there are two major forces driving your behavior your conscious mind and your subconscious mind and when you’re awake your conscious mind is in control doing all of the thinking, the reasoning, analyzing for you but lingering beneath the surface is your subconscious mind and think of it as a massive storage bolt of memories, habits and beliefs.

When you have the same thoughts over and over these thoughts grow and they take a root in your subconscious which is great if you’re having a lot of positive thoughts like I love my life, I know I can succeed because these will blossom into empowering beliefs. But when they’re negative thoughts like I don’t have what it takes to be rich or I’ll never be able to get out of debt that’s when you can develop toxic negative beliefs that only serve to keep you trapped in a cycle of struggle.

You see although your subconscious mind doesn’t think or reason one of its most important functions is to keep you living in alignment with your habits and beliefs or in other words to keep you living inside your comfort zone it does this by producing emotions like fear and discomfort when you think about doing something different in your life. Unfortunately this is the biggest reason why most people never break free from the chains of financial hardship.  These people are so used to struggling that has become their comfort zone to the point where their subconscious minds are actually working to keep them in this cycle of struggle and this is what I refer to as poor brain programming or scarcity brain.

A scarcity brain is created when your mind has become plagued by limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving success if this is the case for you, it’s not your fault many people unwillingly develop these beliefs through things they’ve observed or experienced in their life often starting from childhood.

To change your relationship with money and get all of the wealth you’ve ever wanted you first need to change these limiting beliefs and to do this you need to access your subconscious mind well here’s the really good news.

In your everyday life you usually never have direct access to your subconscious mind because your conscious mind is running the show controlling all of the messages in and out. But during the process of hypnosis your mind is relaxed so that your conscious is essentially put to sleep leaving your subconscious wide open to suggestion and this is how hypnosis directly targets your subconscious mind. In a way that’s not usually possible for you. This is when you can make real change happen, even if things you’ve tried in the past have never worked before because even in just the first level of hypnosis the alpha state. This has been scientifically demonstrated that up to 90% of the population can be hypnotized to your subconscious mind in that state can be come up to 200 times more suggestible or in other words up to 200 times more open to accepting new positive powerful beliefs. While in the state your subconscious mind is forced to listen to powerful specifically crafted messages about your ability to achieve wealth and success that might usually been rejected by your conscious mind and not just to listen but to visualize these amazing new realities becoming true for you. This means you can actually picture and feel yourself letting go of debt seeing your bank account grow and becoming financially free and this is an extremely powerful process that over time actually starts to shape your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions.  The more your subconscious mind starts to accept your new rich brain programming the more it lets go of scarcity brain and all of the old limiting beliefs that were holding you back. The best part because the main function of your subconscious is to keep you living in line with your beliefs it automatically starts working to make these incredible new possibilities happen for you whether that means finally getting out of debt or tripling your income. That’s pretty amazing right now.

I’m not going to pretend that this will happen overnight because it does take some time and repetition for your brain to accept the new abundant financial mindset. However in as little as twenty one days most people report experiencing significant changes in their thoughts their confidence and the results they’re getting in their lives.

So I hope you’re starting to see just how powerful hypnosis is when it comes to reshaping your brain to achieve success. But there’s still one more step once you have started to adopt a new millionaire mindset the final step is to use hypnosis to build new wealth pathways inside your brain.

This is about using hypnosis to accelerate your learning of how to build wealth. Not only can hypnosis help you to over a limiting beliefs, it can help you to absorb new wealth building strategies more quickly and more effectively than you ever otherwise could.

I said earlier when your mind is in this deeply relaxed and super focused state it can become up to 200 times more open to receiving new information which is why for people further along in my total money magnetism program I have created advanced self-hypnosis tracks which contain time-tested wealth building strategies from real multimillionaires.

So that not only do you create new wealth pathways through reading the material, you also build and strengthen these brain pathways through hypnosis. Now I’m not going to go into these strategies here in this video but what this part of hypnosis does is open your mind to new ideas about how to make money and tell your brain which opportunities to look out for you.

Now when you start thinking about buying a new car and you find a model that you want and suddenly start seeing those cars everywhere well that’s what this does it makes your brain suddenly see opportunities for wealth that it was previously blind to see.

You don’t need to get a job promotion or win the lottery or have rich parents or be super intelligent or be a workaholic in order to become rich you just need to change your brain.

Let’s just do a quick recap hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool that can help you to reprogram your brains wealth programming so that you can stop attracting debt and struggle and start magnetizing money and success in your life. It does this by number .1, directly targeting your subconscious mind in a way that is not usually possible. Number .2, removing scarcity brain and number .3, building powerful new wealth pathways inside your brain.

I hope you can see just how powerful hypnosis is and how it can open your financial possibilities in a way that nothing else can.

If you want to get started right now in transforming your mind into a magnet for money and success then you can access Total money magnetism to think like a millionaire. Whether you’re doing okay but you’d like to make a little more cash or you want to start making the kind of money that will allow you to upgrade your home go on luxurious vacations and never have to worry about money again. Getting Total money Magnetism is the key to getting you started  follow this link that’s thanks so much for watching this video today how hypnosis can help you make money if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more videos like this then be sure to subscribe to my channel thanks for watching I’ll see you again soon I’m Dr.

Steve G Jones hoping you have an outstanding day .



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Hypnosis History

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Hypnosis History


The history of hypnotism actually depends on how strict are with the word hypnotism.




Deeper and relax. Take a thought from yesterday and the day before that’s cluttering up your mind and just let it dissolve. Hypnotism as a modern profession and scientific endeavor really kind of starts with James Braid in the 1800’s and he coined the phrase hypnotism but for things that would qualify as hypnotic in nature you can go all the way back to the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks who had these sort of sleep temples and when people had a problem they would go see the priest at the sleep temple and they would make a homage, a paying, you know they’d pay whatever they could afford.

The priest would go through a process. Which really based on what scholars of studies, which they described, sounds like it was really a hypnotic induction and these people would go into a dream state and the solution to their problem would appear to them in a dream.

This is not new,ancient civilisation’s like the Babylonians,Persians Greek’s and Egyptians all record similar ways of inducing  a kind of Hypnotic state. An yes of course we then come up to the later centuries where Mesmerism defined as early Hypnotism became  fashionable scientific studies to pursue.

If you would like to learn about Hypnotism in more detail and would like to Hypnotise people yourself then click the link below.



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Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind Reading and Spiritualism (Audiobook)

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Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind Reading and Spiritualism (Audiobook).

mesmerism and hypnotism,hypnosis,history of hypnotism,history of mesmerism,

This book looks at Mesmerism defined as an early form of Hypnotism.

The book also examines the nature, uses and dangers of the hypnotism. Hypnotism has been practiced for very many centuries, but it was in the mid-to-late nineteenth century that Hypnotism became a particularly fashionable way to examine the human mind. Although any understanding of the subject has evolved considerably over subsequent years, this book remains a very fascinating insight into techniques once thought to be at the forefront of medical science.  Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind Reading and Spiritualism by A. Alpheus.

Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy are used today to help people with many problems. And it is being viewed in a different scientific light. The subconscious mind is now very much in the forefront of scientific exploration with Quantum science and other new and exciting discoveries being made in these fields.

If you would like to explore Hypnotism in more depth then please click the link below to learn more.



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Hypnosis in History – Revealing Documentary, Facts, Photos, Mesmer, Braid and More

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Hypnosis in History – Revealing Documentary, Facts, Photos, Mesmer, Braid and More



Mesmerism,hypnosis,history of mesmerism,hypnosis,


Hello my name is John Melton and this is hypnosis in history.

Hypnosis as we know it today had its origins in the unique medical practices of dr. Franz Anton Mesmer a physician who lived in Vienna Austria during the mid 18th century Mesmer was a fervent believer in the more esoteric aspects of Western medical tradition including the influence of astrology and magnets on human health in 1774.

During a magnetic treatment with a female patient Mesmer felt that he perceived the fluid flowing through the woman’s body whose flow was affected by his own will he eventually named this fluid and its manipulation animal magnetism and developed an elaborate theory regarding its effect on health. Mesmer believed that every individual had magnetic fluid flowing through channels throughout his body and that blockages in the flow of this fluid caused emotional or physical disease, he believed that certain individuals had more or less innate animal magnetism and therefore varied in their ability to manipulate the flow of this fluid.

In the late 1770s Mesmer moved to Paris and found more interested students there than in Vienna. The process of animal magnetism or mesmerism laid the foundations for the later development of hypnosis. A contemporary english doctor described Mesmer’s technique in vivid detail, his patients were received with the air of mystery and studied affect. The apartment hung with mirrors was dimly lit a profound silence was observed broken only by strains of music which occasionally floated through the rooms, the patients were seated around a sort of vat which contained a heterogeneous mixture of chemical ingredients with this and with each other they were placed in relation by means of chords or jointed rods or by holding hands and among them slowly and mysteriously moved Mesmer himself affecting one by a touch another by a look. A third by passes with his hand a fourth by pointing with a rod, one person became hysterical and another one was seized with catalepsy others with convulsions some with palpitations of the heart perspirations and other bodily disturbances. The method was supposed to provoke in the sick person exactly the kind of action beneficial to his recovery. To the uninitiated the scene was full of wonderment the extraordinary tales of Mesmer’s personal power over individuals are probably part exaggeration part real results of his confidence and skill in the use of the means he wielded.

By the mid 1780s Mesmer’s dramatic practices had drawn the amazement and scrutiny of the citizens of Paris including the king louis xvi himself who commissioned a panel of renowned scientists to examine animal magnetism as fact or fiction once and for all.

The results of the Kings scientific panel. Luise sixteenths panel included medical doctors from the Royal Faculty of Medicine in Paris as well as respected scientists from other fields, these included the chemist Antoine Lavoisier Discoverer of oxygen and hydrogen. Dr. Joseph dieta co-founder of the Academy of Medicine in Paris and the inventor of the guillotine. Astronomer John baiii a senior member of the French Academy of Sciences who studied the moons of Jupiter. And an American scientist and ambassador to France Benjamin Franklin. After months of investigation and observation the Commission determined that Mesmer had not discovered a real physical fluid, that the human body did not contain previously undiscovered channels and that any effects of his treatments were due to solely the imagination of the subjects.

His reputation ruined by the Commission’s findings Mesmer returned to Vienna the following year eventually returning to the countryside near his place of birth living out the last 30 years of his life in near total obscurity. Though the idea of animal magnetism had been debunked within scientific circles a number of individuals continued the practice into the 19th century many making their own unique changes to the underlying theories and procedure. Some performing it in stage mesmerism shows.

Mesmerism took a turn towards something closer to modern hypnosis with one of dr.Mesmer’s followers the Marquis Theyboy,he secured a lower noble men of the French aristocracy. The story of his session where the peasant named Victor is widely thought to be the first use of mesmerism to improve the mood or psychological state of a person. The story is described in detail by an English doctor of the time, he took occasion to mesmerize the daughter of his agent and another young person for the toothache and in a few moments they declared themselves cured.

This questionable success was sufficient to lead Monsieur de Poissy a few days later to try his hand on a young peasant of the name Victor who was suffering with a severe depression. On what was monsieur de Poissy sagir surprise when at the end of a few moments Victor went off into a kind of tranquil sleep without crisis or convulsion and that’s he began to gesticulate and talk and enter into his private affairs then he became sad and monsieur de voice gear tried mentally to inspire him with cheerful thoughts he hummed a lively tune to himself inaudibly and immediately Victor began to sing the air Victor remained asleep for an hour and awoke composed with his symptoms mitigated.

While reflecting upon this episode the Marquis noted a connection between some of Victor’s reactions and sleepwalking and became the first person to refer to this reaction as artificial Sonnambula so a term which has carried with us to this day.

Though Mesmer’s theories about the mechanics of animal magnetism were proven to be false many early mesmerist continued to practice and expound upon their own theories and procedures.

Into the 19th century one of these early practitioners was a man named abbe Faria who wrote a book on the subject in 1819 entitled on the cause of lucid sleep ma Faria was near the end of his life when he wrote this work and the road which led him there reads like a novel literally he was the real-life basis of a character of the same name Nia Alexander Dumas classic. The Count of Monte Cristo but the real-life Abbe Faria did not die in prison like in the novel but eventually served out his prison sentence and moved to Paris where he became fascinated with mesmerism.

Born in Portuguese colony on the coast of India in 1746 he spent the majority of his life as a Catholic priest and a doctor of theology in his forties he became involved in an attempted revolt in his native India and fled to France which itself was in the throes of its own revolution. He befriended many notable revolutionaries during this time which was suspicions enough for Napoleon Bonaparte to throw him into the infamous Chateau d’If prison for nearly 20 years. Based on his lengthy observations of mesmerism once he was free he wrote his influential book was put forward the idea that mesmerism was a mental process of the subject. He called the state lucid sleep and explained it as the result of a combination of visual fixation and mental fatigue. Just a year later another mesmerist Etienne de Cuvier published the first work to name the phenomenon hypnotism and call the practitioners hypnotist based on the Greek word for sleep.

The first recorded instance of using hypnosis for anesthesia and surgery was on April 12 1829 in Paris dr.Jewel kukais worked in conjunction with the local Mesmer’s chef’s to perform surgery on a female patient with breast cancer.

Herbert Mayo and English surgeon described the operation she was prepared for. The operation on tiara Chaplin who on several successive days threw into trance by the ordinary mesmeric manipulations. She was then like an ordinary sleepwalker and would converse with indifference about the contemplated operation the idea of which when she was in her natural state filled her with terror. During the whole of the operation the patient in her trance exhibited not the slightest sign of suffering, her expression of countenance did not change nor was the voice, breathing or the pulse at all affected. When asked by dr. Mayo why he did not begin utilizing the stay for all his operations the French doctor replied that he had not dared, the prejudice against mesmerism was so strong in Paris he probably would have lost his reputation and his income. By doing so the public distrust of mesmerism led to many such instances of hypnotists keeping the results quiet without publication which in turn contributed to the air of mystery surrounding the subject.

Hypnosis finds a new ally in James Braid  the early mesmerist began proposing new theories and finding new applications for mesmerism the practice began to gain more legitimacy among doctors and scientists. Moving into the mid 19th century in 1841 a Scottish medical doctor James Braid went on to become one of the most important figures in the history of hypnosis after he observed his first Mesmer stroke at the age of 46 born in rural Scotland James Braid went on to study medicine at the University of Edinburgh became a respected general surgeon in Manchester England .Though he may have heard of mesmerism during his training or career the first time he actually observed it was at a traveling show performed by a Swiss mesmerist and the practice greatly intrigued him. After the show he obtained permission to closely observe the man subjects and after months of intense observation dr.Breda developed the core of his theory regarding the practice disliking the connotations of the term mesmerism he adopted de qu Vieira’s term hypnotism and hypnotist becoming the first to use these words in English.

He explained in his first book that I have now entirely separated hypnotism from animal magnetism I consider it to be merely a simple speedy and certain mode of throwing the nervous system into a new condition which may be rendered eminently available in the cure of certain disorders. I trust therefore it may be investigated quite independently of any bias either for or against the subject connected with mesmerism and only by the fact it can be adduced. I feel quite confident we may have acquired in this process a valuable addition to our curative means but I repudiate the idea of holding it up as a universal remedy nor do I even pretend to understand as yet the whole range of diseases in which it may be useful.

Dr.Braids writings and experiments with hypnotism quickly made him the leading figure in hypnosis in the english-speaking world his scientific approach and willingness to engage in debate gave hypnosis a new respectable face compared to the mystery and controversy surrounding mesmerism. He clearly summarized his basic fascination in his 1843 book. Take any bright object, I generally use my Lancet case between the thumb and the foreign middle fingers of the left hand. Hold it from about 8 to 15 inches from the eyes at such position above the forehead as may be necessary to produce the greatest possible strain upon the eyes and the eyelids and enable the patient to maintain a steady fixed stare at the object. The pupils will be at first contracted they will certainly begin to dilate and after they have done so to considerable extent and have assumed the wavy motion if the foreign middle fingers of the right hand are carried from the object towards the eyes most probably the eyelids will close involuntarily with a vibratory motion.

The renewed scientific interest in hypnosis prompted by James Braid not only led to new ways of thinking and talking about the practice but to new studies and applications as well more next time on hypnosis in history .




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A brief history of Mesmerism.

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A brief history of Mesmerism.


Mesmerism,an early form of hypnosis.


Mesmerism an early form of hypnotism.

As mеntіоnеd, Mеѕmеrіѕm wаѕ dеvеlореd аnd nаmеd after Frаnz Antоn Mеѕmеr in thе 1800’s. Mesmer аnd hіѕ tесhnіԛuеѕ саmе undеr much conjecture by thе medical/scientific соmmunіtіеѕ аt thе tіmе and hе was асtuаllу bаnnеd from practicing and tоld tо lеаvе Venice tоwаrdѕ the еnd оf hіѕ саrееr. In thе early days Anton believed thаt the іnvіѕіblе mаgnеtіс fіеldѕ іnѕіdе реорlе wеrе bеѕt аffесtеd bу uѕіng рhуѕісаl magnetic devices as wеll аѕ his own роwеrѕ. Aѕ ѕuсh he uѕеd steel mаgnеtіс vаtѕ and оthеr оbjесtѕ tо hеlр re-balance people’s energy fіеldѕ аnd cure thеm оf thеіr dіѕеаѕеѕ. Dоіng thіѕ hе wаѕ ԛuіtе рорulаr аnd wоuld often treat many реорlе іn his сlіnісѕ аt the ѕаmе tіmе. Mеѕmеr later саmе tо thе conclusion thаt thе mаgnеtіс оbjесtѕ wеrе nоt needed, аnd thuѕ practiced hіѕ рhеnоmеnа оf аnіmаl mаgnеtіѕm ѕоlеlу through hіѕ оwn dеvісеѕ.

Mеѕmеr wаѕ considered a rеаl ‘ѕhоwmаn’ and would often соnduсt еlаbоrаtе ѕеѕѕіоnѕ with vеrу аnіmаtеd performances аnd different tуреѕ оf music tо bring about сhаngеѕ іn hіѕ сlіеntѕ.

Althоugh hе rесеіvеd much сrіtісіѕm, I believe lооkіng back, thеrе wеrе аlѕо a lot оf еlеmеntѕ that саn nоw be explained bу ѕсіеnсе, аnd thаt hіѕ соntrіbutіоn to the bеgіnnіng оf hурnоѕіѕ wаѕ оf thе utmоѕt importance.

Dr Frаnz Friedrich Anton Mesmer

Dr Mesmer

Dr Anton Mesmer.

Franz Frіеdrісh Anton Mеѕmеr was a Gеrmаn physician with an іntеrеѕt іn аѕtrоnоmу, who thеоrіѕеd thаt thеrе wаѕ a nаturаl еnеrgеtіс transference thаt оссurrеd bеtwееn аll animated and іnаnіmаtе оbjесtѕ thаt hе саllеd аnіmаl mаgnеtіѕm, ѕоmеtіmеѕ lаtеr rеfеrrеd tо аѕ mesmerism. Thе thеоrу аttrасtеd a wіdе following bеtwееn аbоut 1780 аnd 1850, аnd соntіnuеd tо have ѕоmе influence untіl thе еnd of thе сеnturу. In 1843 thе Scottish рhуѕісіаn Jаmеѕ Braid рrороѕеd the tеrm hypnosis fоr a tесhnіԛuе derived from аnіmаl mаgnеtіѕm; tоdау thіѕ is thе uѕuаl meaning оf mеѕmеrіѕm.

Eаrlу lіfе

Mеѕmеr was bоrn іn the village of Iznаng, оn thе ѕhоrе of Lаkе Cоnѕtаnсе in Swаbіа, Gеrmаnу, a ѕоn of mаѕtеr fоrеѕtеr Anton Mеѕmеr (1701—after 1747) and hіѕ wife, Maria/Ursula (née Mісhеl; 1701—1770). Aftеr studying аt thе Jеѕuіt unіvеrѕіtіеѕ оf Dіllіngеn and Ingolstadt, he tооk uр the ѕtudу оf mеdісіnе аt the Unіvеrѕіtу of Vienna in 1759. In 1766 he рublіѕhеd a dосtоrаl dissertation wіth thе Latin tіtlе De planetarum іnfluxu іn corpus humanum (On thе Influеnсе of the Plаnеtѕ оn thе Humаn Bоdу), whісh dіѕсuѕѕеd thе influence of thе Mооn and thе рlаnеtѕ on thе human body and on dіѕеаѕе. This was not mеdісаl аѕtrоlоgу. Buіldіng largely on Nеwtоn’ѕ thеоrу of thе tіdеѕ, Mеѕmеr еxроundеd on certain tіdеѕ іn thе humаn body thаt might be ассоuntеd fоr bу thе mоvеmеntѕ of thе ѕun аnd moon. Evіdеnсе аѕѕеmblеd bу Frаnk A. Pаttіе suggests thаt Mеѕmеr рlаgіаrіzеd a раrt оf hіѕ dіѕѕеrtаtіоn frоm a wоrk bу Richard Mead, аn еmіnеnt Englіѕh рhуѕісіаn аnd Nеwtоn’ѕ frіеnd. Hоwеvеr, in Mеѕmеr’ѕ dау dосtоrаl thеѕеѕ were nоt expected tо be оrіgіnаl.

In Jаnuаrу 1768, Mеѕmеr mаrrіеd Annа Mаrіа von Pоѕсh, a wеаlthу wіdоw, аnd established himself аѕ a physician in the Auѕtrіаn capital Vіеnnа. In thе ѕummеrѕ he lived оn a ѕрlеndіd estate аnd bесаmе a раtrоn оf the arts. In 1768, whеn соurt intrigue рrеvеntеd thе performance оf Lа finta semplice (K. 51), fоr whісh thе twelve-year-old Wоlfgаng Amаdеuѕ Mоzаrt had соmроѕеd 500 раgеѕ of music, Mеѕmеr іѕ ѕаіd to hаvе аrrаngеd a performance іn his garden of Mozart’s Bаѕtіеn und Bаѕtіеnnе (K. 50), a оnе-асt ореrа, thоugh Mozart’s bіоgrарhеr Nissen has stated thаt there іѕ nо рrооf thаt thіѕ performance actually took рlасе. Mоzаrt lаtеr immortalized hіѕ fоrmеr раtrоn bу including a соmеdіс reference to Mеѕmеr іn hіѕ opera Cоѕì fаn tuttе.

Hоw and why Mеѕmеrіѕm went оut of fashion.

In the ѕрrіng оf 1784, Kіng Lоuіѕ XVI approved twо іmреrіаl соmmіѕѕіоnѕ made uр individually оf individuals frоm thе Royal Sосіеtу оf Medicine аnd thе Rоуаl Aсаdеmу оf Sciences tо соmрlеtе thе employment [оf rеѕеаrсhіng аnd undermining Mеѕmеrіѕm]. Thе work of the mаіn, еntіrеlу rеѕtоrаtіvе соmmіѕѕіоn wаѕ tо a great extent оvеrlооkеd not lоng аftеr іtѕ report. Nоnеthеlеѕѕ, thе work оf the second commission wаѕ tо dеmоnѕtrаtе a grеаt deal mоrе соmреllіng. Thе enrollment оf this Cоmmіѕѕіоn реruѕеѕ lіkе a Whо’s  Who оf соmmоn lоgіс аt thе tіmе, including Bеnjаmіn Franklin, ѕрасе expert Jеаn Bailly (who hаd registered thе circle of Hаlеу’ѕ Comet), ѕсіеntіfіс expert Antіоnе Lavoisier (who fоund oxygen), and thе doctor Jоеѕрh-Ignасе Guillotin (whоѕе primary dіѕtіnguіѕhіng ѕtrеngth, being encapsulated іn hіѕ nаmе, bаrеlу rеԛuіrеѕ аddіtіоnаllу say). Thеѕе mеn administered a рrоgrеѕѕіоn of rаthеr shrewd trіаlѕ thаt together ѕеrvеd tо іlluѕtrаtе, tо thеіr tоtаl fulfіllmеnt, that thеrе wаѕ nо proof that a сrеаturе attractive liquid wаѕ сараblе еіthеr for the соnvulѕіvе еmеrgеnсіеѕ, or thе ѕubѕеԛuеnt сurеѕ of Mеѕmеr’ѕ раtіеntѕ.

Thеіr dесіѕіоnѕ аrе regularly tаkеn tо ѕреаk tо аn еаrlу triumph оf the lоgісаl technique оvеr naïveté, hоwеvеr thіѕ nеglесtѕ tо do еԛuіtу to thе сіrсumѕtаnсе. Wе аrе nоt mаnаgіng here еѕѕеntіаllу wіth a craving tо unсоvеr еxtоrtіоn, nоr wе аrе mаnаgіng suspicion tоwаrd a ѕресіfіс lоgісаl system that соuld bе ѕuррlаntеd bу another, bеttеr оnе, аѕ оn account of Gаѕѕnеr.

The оffісіаlѕ unreservedly уіеldеd thаt the mеdісіnеѕ they had wаtсhеd had the аbіlіtу to сrеаtе сараblе ѕubѕtаntіаl іmрасtѕ іn a few реорlе—wrіthіngѕ, tremors, аnd thаt’ѕ only the tip оf thе ісеbеrg; thаt thеу were еvеn ореn tо thе lіkеlіhооd that some of thеѕе іmрасtѕ may be оf a rеѕtоrаtіvе sort. In аnу case, thеу found that thе rеаѕоn fоr these іmрасtѕ lау nоt іn thе рhуѕісаl but rаthеr in thе mental dоmаіn; not in Mesmer’s аѕѕumеd attractive “lіԛuіdѕ” yet rather in thе staff of mіnd thеу саllеd the “сrеаtіvе ability”. Whаt thеу wеrе dоіng wаѕ еxреllіng these impacts аѕ unwоrthу оf clarification thrоugh аnd thrоugh.

The mesmerist whо wаѕ thе оbjесtіvе of the еxаmіnаtіоn whіnеd thаt the officials endeavored to characterize thе “сrеаtіvе еnеrgу” to whісh they credited the аttrасtіvе impacts. He hаd оvеrlооkеd what’s rеаllу іmроrtаnt. Fоr thе оffісіаlѕ, thе іnѕіgnіfісаnt reality thаt a treatment wоrkеd аt аnу rаtе іn some wау or аnоthеr, and as a less than dереndаblе rule—was nоt аdеԛuаtе grоundѕ tо соnѕіdеr іt important. In thе expressions of Frеnсh lоgісіаn Iѕаbеllе Stеngеrѕ, “thе misery bоdу іѕ nоt a ѕоlіd observer” tо thе legitimacy оf a treatment. “It саn hарреn that іt wіll bе сurеd fоr thе ‘wrong rеаѕоnѕ’.

Mеѕmеrіѕm today hоw іt is still used.

Tоdау ѕсhоlаrѕ believe mеѕmеrіѕm tо share a concept of life fоrсе оr еnеrgу wіth such Aѕіаn рrасtісеѕ аѕ reiki аnd ԛіgоng. Hоwеvеr, thе practical and thеоrеtісаl роѕіtіоnѕ оf such practices аrе оn whоlе ѕubѕtаntіаllу different frоm those оf mesmerism.

Durіng thе Romantic реrіоd, mеѕmеrіѕm produced enthusiasm and іnѕріrеd horror in thе ѕріrіtuаl and religious соntеxt. Though dіѕсrеdіtеd as a сrеdіblе mеdісаl рrасtісе by mаnу, mеѕmеrіѕm created a vеnuе for ѕріrіtuаl healing. Sоmе аnіmаl magnetists аdvеrtіѕеd thеіr practices bу ѕtrеѕѕіng thе “spiritual rаthеr than рhуѕісаl bеnеfіtѕ to bе gained from аnіmаl mаgnеtіѕm” аnd were able tо gаthеr a gооd сlіеntеlе frоm аmоng thе ѕріrіtuаllу inspired population.

Mаnу rеѕеаrсhеrѕ, аmоng them Prоtеѕtаntѕ, ѕріrіtіѕtѕ, and other wrіtеrѕ, сlаіm thаt Jesus wаѕ thе greatest оf all magnetizers, аnd thаt thе source оf hіѕ mіrасlеѕ wаѕ animal mаgnеtіѕm. Mаrу Bаkеr Eddy, the founder оf Chrіѕtіаn Sсіеnсе, сlаіmеd on the оthеr hаnd thаt animal mаgnеtіѕm has nо remedial power and thаt its еffесtѕ “lead tо mоrаl and tо рhуѕісаl death.”



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